The conference Intelligent solutions for the intelligent metropolis will take place on October 16th in Katowice, Poland. It is part of the supported by Visegrad Fund Smart Visegrad project, which aims to help to improve regional strategies and policies regarding demographic and other social and economic challenges in municipalities and regional authorities, mainly by incorporating the concept of „smart regions and smart cities” into the strategy.

The Smart City concept involves the creation of an environment that is friendly to citizens’ participation, community cooperation, innovation as well as education and human, social and regional development in a broader sense. Incorporating smart solutions into regional strategies and policies can greatly increase the capacity of local authorities to deal with all kinds of societal challenges such as migration, an aging population and even other challenges such as environmental issues, economic restructuring and others.

During the Katowice meeting, representatives of administration, science and business will share knowledge, experience and plans for a real future in the use of modern technologies to improve the city’s operations and the convenience of citizens.

Participation and registration.

Participation in the conference is free. Registration via the online form is obligatory. The number of participants is limited.

Smart Visegrad

The Smart Visegrad project is a continuation of the cooperation of the Silesian ICT Cluster with partners from 2017. The scope of activities to be implemented under the project will include the following events:

  • in Slovakia it will be the V4 Congress organization ITAPA 2018, the leading strategic event on the digitization of society in Slovakia. This year, ITAPA became the official event of the Slovak presidency of the Visegrad Group in 2018/2019. Congress will create a constructive platform on which the Visegrad countries will be able to exchange best practices and share their national approaches in the field of digital politics. Together with the ITAPA congress, the project will cover various events:
  • in Hungary, the organization of the 3-day Infoter conference in Balatonfüred, which is one of the largest conferences dedicated to digital innovation in Hungary.
  • In Poland, the conference „Intelligent solutions for the intelligent metropolis” is intended for representatives of LGUs, experts, entrepreneurs and the media in the region of the Upper Silesian-Zagłębie Metropolis.
  • in the Czech Republic the workshop „Smart cities and regions”.

The above-mentioned events and workshops will create a platform to improve regional strategies and policies by incorporating modern technologies.